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The Back 9 Indoor Golf
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Tim Shea – Owner

A current, local and successful college head baseball coach, Tim Shea is excited to bring his enthusiasm for the sport of golf to the New Haven area with his indoor golf facility.  Although coaching baseball is his profession, similar to countless others, playing golf is a passionate hobby. The Back 9 Indoor Golf is his opportunity to afford others to quench their golfing thirst on a daily basis, all year long in his indoor facility. The Back 9 offers everything that you need to improve your game and have a great time while doing it.

Jim Ferguson – Head Golf Instructor

Tim Shea, owner of The Back 9 Indoor Golf, is proud to announce that Jim Ferguson will be the facilities head golf instructor.

Jim is a Class A PGA professional with years of experience. He is dedicated to providing his golf athletes with individualized, personalized golf instruction. His background includes 19 years as golf professional. Jim began his professional career in the golfing mecca of Myrtle Beach, SC at Arnold Palmer’s Kings North at Myrtle Beach National. He worked there for 4 years from 1994-1999. After a stint as a stock broker for FAS Wealth Management in FT Lauderdale, FL he returned home to Connecticut in 2002 and became the Director of Golf Instruction at the Wallingford Country Club. He held that role for 14 years. During many winter seasons he has also worked as a professional caddie at the Ritz Carton in Jupiter, FL. Throughout his 19 years as a golf professional Jim has provided outstanding golf instruction to players of all ages and all skill levels.

Fergy’s Philosophy:

  • To implement tried and true fundamentals into each player’s unique and natural swinging motion.
  • To cultivate a pre-shot routine and positive visualization; a confident, consistent swing that allows the student to repeat that swing under pressure. Every swing is made with a purpose!
  • To emphasizes the importance of the mental side of the game and the establishment of player’s goals.
  • To assist players in the development of a game plan (blue print to success) in order to attain their set goals which can be equally important as making swing corrections.
  • To help players understand that goal setting doesn’t just apply to golf; developing and attain goals is a valuable life lesson that not only young players, but all players can benefit from in their everyday life.
  • The Mind and Body work together as one!  FERG’S GOLF UNITED